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Waste Transformation Through Innovation

Learn more about our values, business and goals from this Columbus Dispatch feature video.

Innovative Organics Recycling is a Columbus, Ohio based company that offers businesses and consumers throughout the Columbus region a wide variety of services with Zero Food Waste as our goal. We have a Class II Ohio EPA compost facility license which means we can accept food waste, animal manures, and yard waste.

Most people are very familiar with recycling materials like paper, glass, plastics, and metals. When it comes to food scraps, now that’s a different story. Instead of tossing out those food scraps from last nights’ salad into the trash can (which will eventually make its way to an overcrowded landfill), Innovative Organics Recycling offers a viable alternative - Innovative Organics Recycling collects that food waste and converts it into healthy soil.

Our approach not only benefits the environment and the local economy but everyone involved: from producers to consumers and backyard gardeners to agricultural mega-farms. Explore our site and learn more about how you can join us in this environmental revolution to help Columbus become America’s leading Zero Food Waste community.

George Hunyadi and Ray Leard

Innovative Organics Recycling