Commercial Services

Innovative Organics Recycling provides services to communities, institutions, food processors, restaurants, and retail stores that want to “go green” by reducing or eliminating the organic waste stream they generate and send to the landfill. *

Commercial :

• We Perform a Free Two Week Waste Audit with the goal of reducing
your total waste stream expense.

• We Provide State of the Art Collection Equipment – Included

• We Provide a Brief Orientation & Training For Your Staff - Included

• Referrals Earn You Free Months of Service

• Flexible pick up schedule based on the your needs

• Billing is Monthly with no hidden fees or extra charges

• Promotional Support including timely press releases to help grow your business

*According to a recent USDA study, 67 million tons of food grown in America was “not available for human consumption” due to “postharvest food loss.” Of that over 37 million tons ended up in our already overcrowded landfills. Many consumers still think that food waste which ends up in a landfill breaks down. So why the concern??

What really happens is that it breaks down in a vacuum (without oxygen) which results in the creation of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more harmful than CO 2, a major contributor to global warming.*