Curbside Composting for Bexley!

Getting your home and community one step closer to Zero Food Waste




Did you know that last year 40 million tons of food scraps were generated in America? 97% of this locally produced natural resource got tossed into our landfills. Food scraps are totally recyclable and can be converted into a healthy soil amendment; scrap collection also creates jobs and improves our air, water, and soil. Why waste? Let’s compost it instead!

Columbus based Innovative Organics Recycling has teamed up with the City of Bexley to conduct a pilot program to determine the viability of offering curbside composting service for all residents. 428 residents have been chosen to participate in the pilot and will receive the service at no cost to them starting November 7th, 2017
If you have been chosen - Congrats! If you have not been chosen but would like to participate, read the text below to learn how to make that happen. 

Registration Rules

  1. Must live in the city of Bexley.
  2. Participation is offered for three (3) consecutive four (4) month "semesters" at $35/semester.
  3. Billing will recur automatically at the end of each four month "semester" unless you tell us to stop.
  4. Participants must complete a brief survey at completion.
  5. Must return the collection container/bucket at the end of the program.

How it Works

Yes and No.png
  1. Sign up online.
  2. We deliver your first bucket.
  3. The "yes's and no's" label on our bucket make it easy to teach anyone how to fill our bucket.
  4. Place the bucket at your curb each Monday. To make sure it does not get accidentally mistaken for recycling, please place it at least five (5) feet away from any other containers.
  5. We will trade your filled bucket for a clean, empty one.
  6. One important requirement - we must be able to access your bucket without a key, a code, etc.


  1. No more “icky” smell – recycling your food waste means your “real trash” is a lot lighter, is a lot less, and does not smell.
  2. Save money and time – recycling your food waste means fewer bags and  (in the future) possibly fewer pick ups.
  3. Help The Environment - Turning your locally produced food waste into nutrient rich compost improves our water, air, and soil.


$35* per "semester" - 4 months - a Total savings of $29 (regular monthly fee = $14*). Simply click on the Apply Now! link and we'll get you started.

* In both cases there is a one time non - recurring fee of $5.00 for the use of our bucket.