Curbside Composting For OSU


Getting Ohio State University one step closer to

Zero Food Waste

This program ended April 24th - the last pick up day. During the course of the Winter Semester 100 student participated in this pilot with the following results:

Total pounds recycled =

Average weekly participation rate = % (excellent!)

If you were part of this program and would like to continue, go to the link above - Columbus Composting - and sign up. We will deliver your collecting bucket on the following Tuesday.


Did you know that last year 40 million tons of food scraps were generated in America? 97% of this locally produced natural resource got tossed into our landfills. Food scraps are totally recyclable and can be converted into a healthy soil amendment; food scrap collection also creates jobs and improves our air, water, and soil. Why waste it? Let’s compost it instead!


Columbus based Innovative Organics Recycling has teamed up with the OSU's Student Government to conduct a pilot program for up to 100 OSU students to determine the viability of offering curbside composting service for students who live off campus. If you were accepted as one of the first 100 students - congrats!  Please review the details below on how to get started under "How It Works".

If you were not chosen, you can still participate for the entire 11 week pilot for $25. See details below.

How It Works:

Yes and No.png

1. Sign up is easy - register online. Length of service is for the entire 11 week cycle Feb 6 - April 24
2. We deliver your first bucket straight to your door.
3. The "yes’s and no’s” on our bucket label make it easy to teach anyone how to fill our bucket.

4. Each Monday we will shoot you a short reminder email to put out your bucket.
5. On service day (Tuesdays) simply place your bucket on your porch. We swap it for a freshly cleaned one. It does not have to be full to swap. The fresher the food scrap, the better the compost!

5. Love the service? - share with friends and neighbors on Facebook and Snapchat!

One important requirement - we must be able to access your  bucket without the need for a key, a code, etc.

Participation Rules:

1) Households will be accepted for participation from within the following boundaries:

  • The Railroad tracks located just east of N. 4th
  • The Olentangy River on the West
  • King Avenue on the South
  • Arcadia Avenue on the North

2) You must be a currently enrolled student at OSU's main campus.

3) You must complete a short survey at the end of the pilot.

4) During the 11 week pilot you are responsible for the security of your bucket/lid.

5) On Tuesday, April 24th, besides being the last day of class, mark your calendar as your last "BUCKET DAY" so it gets safely returned to us.

Benefits To All Participants

1) No more “icky” smell – recycling your food waste means your “real trash” is a lot lighter, is a lot less, and does not smell. 
2) Save time and money – recycling your food waste means fewer bags and possibly fewer pick ups of your "real trash".
3) Help The Environment - Turning your locally produced food waste into nutrient rich compost improves our water, air, and soil.

We sincerely appreciate your support for this project.

Ray Leard, Innovative Organics Recycling