Residential Services

Innovative Organics Recycling works with local municipalities to provide curbside organics pick up programs city wide or within a specific neighborhood. In fall 2017, IO Recycling is launching two curbside compost pilot projects. The first one started September 11. IO Recycling is partnering with Ohio Sate University'e student government involving up to 200 students who live off campus. The first 50 qualified students get the service for free. An additional 150 qualified students get the service for a reduced rate of $40.

The second pilot project is a partnership with the city of Bexley. The city is funding curbside composting for 400+ Bexley families. If your block was not chosen, you can still particpate. Simply click the link at the top of this page for Bexley composting.

Hey, maybe we could do a pilot project in your neighborhood! Call Ray Leard @ 740-249-5427 to go over the details.