Local, Rich, & Ohio-EPA certified.

Innovative Organics Recycling's compost is perfect for hobby gardeners and large-scale farmers alike. 



By The Bucket

$10 per bucket

Perfect for any gardener. Comes in a 5-gallon bucket that's easy to carry & filled to the brim. Plant directly in the bucket or reuse it!

Pickup & payment at our facility or at Farmer's Market Locations.


By The Yard

$45/yard or $110/3 yards

Perfect for avid gardeners. A cubic yard of compost will typically cover an area of 100 square feet (if you lay the compost about 3-inches thick). 3 yards typically fills the back of a pick-up 1/2 ton pickup truck. Save $25 by purchasing 3 or more yards! 

Pickup & payment at our Facility or Farmer's Markets Locations.



Pricing options vary 

Perfect for local farmers looking to give their plants the most nutritionally-dense medium around. Local & Ohio-EPA certified. Contact us or fill out the form below to get started! 

Pickup and payment at our facility. There is an extra fee for delivered compost. 


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