Innovative Organics Recycling provides services to communities, institutions, food processors, restaurants, schools, retail stores, and other commercial facilities that want to “go green” by reducing or eliminating the organic waste stream they generate and send to the landfill. We consider your food scraps a valuable resource that we can use to make into compost! 

Your success is our success. That's why we offer a generous service package to your commercial facility that helps you reduce waste, save money, & sets you up for success.  


Included in Your Service Package


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1. Free Two-Week Waste Audit

Innovative Organics Recycling will conduct a  free, two-week waste audit to assess your facility's needs. Once we perform the audit, we'll give you an estimate of the number and size of the containers we should use in your facility, the frequency of pick-ups, and other details.  We also review your current waste removal bill and services. For organizations whose food waste is a high percentage of their total waste stream, recycling the food waste portion may actually result in reducing the monthly cost of what's left - your "real trash", saving you money. 

 2. Collection Equipment - Included

We provide all the equipment - from 5 gallon buckets, to 45 gallon two wheeled totes, to 30 yard roll off boxes - depending on your facility's needs. Always clean and always in good working order.

 3. Brief Orientation & Training for Your Staff - Included

To kick off the free two week audit, one of our trained staff will conduct a brief 10 minute training session at your facility to review with your staff what does and does not get diverted, the location of equipment and the agreed upon day(s) of pick up. Our training posters are offered in both English & Spanish. 

I like the consistency of the program. With the amount of food and waste that we’re producing, it was a priority for us to find someone that would accommodate our needs.”
— Sarah Wharby, Local Matters

 4. Flexible Pick-Up Schedule

“You can be sustainable. You can mitigate your environmental impact. You can be a positive social steward, and it doesn’t have to break your bank.”
— Vinny, The Land Grant Brewing Company

We'll work with you to find a regular pick-up time that best suites your needs. Pick-up days and times can always be adjusted when needed.

5. Promotional Support

Once you start the program, our outreach experts are happy to promote your participation in our program through social media posts, press releases, and other endorsements. We love to show off our Composting Champions

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