Curbside Composting Is Coming To Columbus in 2018!


Getting your home and community one step closer to

Zero Food Waste.


Did you know that last year 40 million tons of food scraps were generated in America? 97% of this locally produced natural resource got tossed into our landfills. Food scraps are totally recyclable and can be converted into a healthy soil amendment; food scrap collection also creates jobs and improves our air, water, and soil. Why waste it? Let’s compost it instead!

Initially, we will be rolling out our curbside composting service in the area that we call the High Street Corridor: Marion Village & German Village on the South, all of Worthington on the North, the Olentangy River on The West, and the Railroad tracks just east of N. Fourth/Indianola on the East. This corridor will be divided into five regions: Marion/German Villages, Short North, the University  District, Clintonville/Beechwold, and Worthington. This service is available NOW!


Service Options - We offer service month to month or by the 4 month cycle (a $6/month savings). Or, be part of a team and save $16 per month. See below for details.


Want the service in your neighborhood? Email us -


How It Works: Individual

Yes and No.png

Each week we swap your filled or partially filled bucket placed on your porch or at your curb for a clean empty one.

1. Sign up is easy - register online. Length of service is either monthly or by the 4 month cycle - save $6 per 4 month cycle (see rates below).
2. We deliver your first bucket to your home. Inside your bucket you will find our Zero Food Waste Tool Kit.
3. The "yes’s and no’s” on our bucket label make it easy to teach anyone how to fill our bucket.
4. On service day simply place your bucket on your porch or at your curb - best spot is a place that is safe and won't be taken by the trash or recycling folks.
5. One important requirement - we must be able to access your bucket without the need for a key, a code, etc.


Cost - Individual

A) Option A - $14 per month* - recurring until you tell us to stop.

B) Option B - $50* per four month cycle (you save $6) - recurring until you tell us to stop. For Option B members, each time you renew your membership we will bring you a free 25 pound bag of our locally created, nutrient rich compost - What we call our full circle compost model.

* In both cases there is a one time non - recurring fee of $5.00 for the use of our bucket.

How It Works: Teams

A team is defined as group of from 6 or more people which includes a team captain. 

 1. Sign up is easy - the captain registers members of a team online all at the same time as one team.       Each team needs to have a team name.

2. The captain collects payments from each team member and makes one purchase on our shopping cart. The fee for a member of a team is $40 per 4 month cycle. Another benefit of belonging to a team is that the one time $5.00 fee for using our bucket is waived.

3. Length of service for each team member is for a 4 month cycle. There are no refunds for a team member who decides to leave the team for any reason before the end of the 4 month cycle.

4. The buckets for new teams will be delivered to the captain's home from which they are retrieved by each team member.

5. The label describing the "yes’s and no’s” located on our bucket makes it easy to teach all members of a household what does and does not go in our bucket.

6. On "pick up day" each team member brings their individual bucket to the team captains' curb or other central spot - to be determined by the captain. One of our trucks will come by on that same day and swap them all at once for clean empty buckets.

7. When a team member leaves the team, the team captain is responsible for retrieving the bucket - the reason why there is no $5.00 fee.

8. Team captains are compensated with a $20 gift certificate to a local restaurant per each 4 month cycle for coordinating the teams' effort. These responsibilities include:

- Signing up the team on our shopping cart

- communicating any changes in service to the teams' members, such as snow days or changes in pick up day due to holidays.

- Retrieving  buckets from team members who leave the team 

- establish  the place where the buckets get dropped and swapped

- finding new members to join the team - up to 15. Team Captain gets the service for free with 15 or more members.

- Making sure members retrieve their buckets on "pick up day'

Cost - Team

$40 per 4 month cycle per address, recurring until the team captain tells us to stop. Every time you renew your membership we'll bring you a free 25 pound bag of locally produced, nutrient rich compost made from your very same food scraps. What we call our full circle compost model.

Save Even More! Teams which reach 20 members get the service for $30 per 4 month cycle - almost 50% off.

Also, team members pay no bucket fee!

One important requirement - we must be able to access the buckets without the need for a key, a code, etc.


1) No more “icky” smell – recycling your food waste means your “real trash” is a lot lighter, is a lot less, and does not smell. 
2) Save time and money – recycling your food waste means fewer bags and possibly fewer pick ups of your "real trash".
3) Help The Environment - Turning your locally produced food waste into nutrient rich compost improves our water, air, and soil.