Food Scrap Drop-Off Locations

We consider food scraps a locally produced, natural resource.

That's why we offer convenient Compost Drop-Off locations though our sister company, The Compost Exchange. Though these locations are all located at Farmer's Markets, five operate year round - yep, even after the markets close, we stay!


How it Works

1. Pick a location Close to you

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The Compost Exchange offers a variety of locations (see map and chart below for details). Sign-up for the Compost Drop-Off service with The Compost Exchange booth at a farmer's market near you. You can also download the short membership form and bring it with you to have ready. 

2. Get your Bucket the same day

You'll receive a 5-gallon bucket from The Compost Exchange booth (or two, depending on your needs) as soon as you give them your form and payment (they accept Cash & Checks).  There's also a complete training Tool Kit available at each loactin to help simplify the effort at home and educate members about preventing the wasting of food.

Collect Food Scraps 

Not sure what to compost? No need to memorize anything. A complete list of the "Yes's" and "No's" is located on the front of the bucket! During the week, use this handy list to divert your compostable food scraps into the bucket: Fruits and vegetable scraps, all meats, even animal bones, moldy cheese, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels, and much more. 



4. Drop, Swap, & Shop

Next time you go to a farmer's market where The Compost Exchange has a booth, you can drop off your bucket -, swap it out for a freshly cleaned one, and shop at the market with your fresh bucket. During Farm Market seasons, many people even use the new, freshly cleaned bucket as a container for their farmer's market produce while they shop! Although it is not required to swap out the bucket(s) every week, the best compost is made from fresh food waste. We suggest to bring your food scraps to our booth at least every other week. 



Drop-Off Locations & Times

Click on the pins for the operating times & dates of each location.


Franklinton Drop-Off Pilot


The Land-Grant Brewing Company & Franklinton Board of Trade is hosting a 6-month compost drop-off pilot for 100 Franklinton households. The pilot ends on September 17th, 2018, but you can still sign up to participate for the remainder of the program! Here's how it works:

1. Sign up

Sign up with the Land Grant Brewing company, and pay only $2.50/ month to enjoy the compost drop-off service! Someone from the brewery will be in contact with you to arrange for getting you your bucket.

2. Collect Food Scraps 

After you receive a 5-gallon bucket, simply use the handy list of "Yes's" and "No's" located on the front of the bucket to start diverting your fruit and vegetable scraps, animal bones, moldy cheese, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels, and much more. 

3. Drop Off location is at The Land Grant Brewing Company

Large 45 gallon two wheeled toters are located on the north side of The Land Grant Brewing Company's building (Here's a Map). . Drop off days are Wednesdays between 4pm-7pm or Saturdays between 11am-3pm. You simply place your food scraps into the larger toters

4. RECEIVE bonus Goodies!

At the end of the pilot, each participant will receive a 5-gallon bucket full of compost back, compliments of Innovative Organics Recycling. Use on your lawn, in your garden, or for houseplants! 




Want a Compost drop-off location close to you?

Reach Out, and we can work with local businesses, developers,  and other change-makers to get a compost drop-off location near you.