Ray Leard  |  owner

Ray, Innovative Organics Recycling’s co-owner, boasts a diverse background in the food industry that spans over 40 years and several states. As a Columbus native, Ray earned a marketing degree at The Ohio State University in 1974 and then attended grad school at Wright State University, where he created the first WSU food co-op. Ray has had the privilege of spearheading multiple successful businesses and food ventures since then, including Purely American and The Compost Exchange. After seeing Columbus’s need for food scrap recycling services, Ray eagerly launched Innovative Organics Recycling in 2016 with George Hunyadi.


George Hunyadi  |  owner

George has been involved in the waste, recycling, & composting industry for over 25 years. While he initially provided equipment and systems to process municipal solid waste and organic waste, George quickly saw a need for a business that processed waste in Columbus and merged with Ray as a co-owner of Innovative Organics Recycling

George enjoys problem solving & troubleshooting within the waste & compost industry and is excited to help lead the movement in Columbus to find innovative ways to create a resources from waste. 


Wayne Shingler  |  Driver

Wayne drives commercial routes for Innovative Organics Recycling, collecting compostable waste from all over central Ohio. As the owner of Woodland Urban Farm, he's been hauling food waste to feed animals for the past ten years and has composted for over 25 years. Wayne has worked in community gardens in northeast Columbus as a manager, consultant, and contractor. Having served on the board of the Franklin County Local Food Council and having worked closely with the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, he's a vocal advocate of urban agriculture & ecologically sustainable food systems. 


Colby Browning  |  Plant Manager

Colby serves Innovative Organics Recycling by managing the compost processing plant; Colby drives commercial routes and manages the compost piles, helping turn food scraps into compost. As a Native of Arizona, Colby moved to Columbus several years ago and has since grown to love the city (and the snow!). Colby has a background in mechanics and enjoys the detail and challenge of caring for vehicles. In his free time, Colby enjoys riding his motorcycle and serving his community.