March 2019: "Composting partnerships keeping food waste from landfill"

March 18, 2019: Thanks to the Columbus Dispatch for the write up about Innovative Organics Recycling and its efforts to work with MORPC and the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.


irish festival.jpeg

Innovative Organics Participates in Dublin’s (Ohio) Irish Festival, August 5-7, 2016

Always conscious of their impact on the environment, organizers for this year’s popular Dublin Irish Festival have engaged Innovative Organics to provide organic waste recycling services. This is a big event drawing over 200,000 visitors in three days. Not only does the Festival feature a lot of entertainment (7 stages, 65 acts and more than 535 performers) but this year it also has over 40 food vendors on board.

Of course, all this food for all these people adds up to the Festival producing a lot of leftover food scraps-- and, that’s where Innovative Organics and the Festival volunteer staff step up providing multiple recycling stations throughout the festival.

Innovative Organics also provided organic waste recycling for the city of Dublin at this year’s Independence Day 2016 celebration.