Composting Champion of the Week

24 August 2018


Sweet Carrot

Interview With Bobby patterson, catering sales manager


24 August 2018  |  Article & Photos by Katie Carey


Sweet Carrot is locally famous for their unique, and delicious, take on American comfort food, boasting two, soon to be three, locations in the Columbus area.


Though the restaurant began as a humble food truck, Sweet Carrot opened their brick-and-mortar restaurant in Grandview Heights in November of 2015, after “the demand got so intense for the food,” says Bobby Patterson, Catering Sales Manager at the Grandview location.


Behind their highly-praised mac n’ cheese and corn cakes, the Columbus restaurant has taken strides to mitigate their environmental impact, too. Immediately upon opening, the Grandview Sweet Carrot began composting with Innovative Organics Recycling.


“It’s always been apart of the vision.” Bobby says.


Along with Sweet Carrot’s dedication to creating fresh-prep comfort food from scratch comes heaps of compostable scraps, about 1,100 pounds per week at the Grandview location, to be exact.

Bobby explains how easily his staff acclimated to composting in the kitchen: “As far as the compost is concerned, when we’re doing prep, everything just goes right into the buckets they have next to them when they’re prepping.”


He grins and shrugs, “everyone has always been on board. It’s just apart of daily business.”

Everyone has always been on board.
— Bobby Patterson, Catering Sales Manager at Sweet Carrot


When Sweet Carrot’s second location opened in February of 2018 at Polaris, the new location began composting an average of 800 pounds of scraps weekly.


A third Sweet Carrot will open on Sawmill road in October of 2018, fulfilling the growing business’s vision of sustainability even further.


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