Zero-Waste Resources

There are many other ways to reduce food waste (and your Carbon "Food-Print") than just composting! Here are some resources to help you compost correctly and reduce food waste: 

Other Ways to Go Zero-Waste

Here at Innovative Organics Recycling, we prioritize recycling food waste into a local, natural resource: compost! But there are lots of other ways to reduce, too! There are tons of ways to go zero-waste in the kitchen, bathroom, grocery store, and even in your beauty routine (homemade, zero-waste face-masks, anyone?). 

Check out some of our favorite Zero-Waste blogs, sites, and resources:

  • Trash is for Tossers: Urban zero-Waste life, recipes, & methods of 20-something, NYC-dwelling, Lauren Singer.

  • Zero waste chef: Focuses specifically on reducing kitchen & food waste, complete with dozens of tasty zero-waste recipes

  • PAREdown Home: Tons of methods to reduce waste, plus oodles of zero-waste products

  • The REnz Nest: Blog featuring zero-waste products, recipes, tips & tricks, and more

  • Going Zero Waste: A super-comprehensive guide for every kind of person about how to go Zero-Waste.

  • Apartment Guide: A basic guide to composting at your apartment